Konig News


The final event at Irwindale is always an exciting one.  The track is fast and we were ready to let it hang out! practice went very well with the larger rear tires we were running at this event and I was feeling great! 

Then on the final run of Thursday practice, the front of the car slid out and I went hard into the wall with the right front.  The car was in very rough shape, smashing the right side suspension, steering rack, rear subframe, even breaking the windshield from the impact.  I was doubtful we would be continuing on however my team kicked ass as always, and after wrenching all day Friday, the car was back in shape and ready for qualifying!  It was not 100% which showed a bit in our qualifying but it was enough to get us into the Top 32 for Saturday’s competition!

However, bad luck wasn’t behind us just yet.  During warm up practice before competition, the track had become very slick near the wall,  and on my first run out the car once again slid up to the wall and put the front end in.  I was super bummed knowing we had already used all of our spare parts after the first incident.  However after a few calls we were able to locate some of the parts we needed and salvaged enough from the first crash to get things back on and working!  Time was tight and we got the car together once again with seconds to spare.  We had to make a few adjustments, and were not certain on the alignment of the car at this point, but I was able to go out and put together a follow run. 

Now switching positions for my lead run,  I launched the car off the line and it immediately shut off.  Because we left the line, it was judged as an incomplete run and we were not able to advance past the Top 32.  It was a tough break after a rollercoaster of a weekend.

Overall 2021 was a hell of a season for us!  We finished off the year in 16th position.  We had multiple great battles and wins, a Number 1 Qualification, and our best finish yet in Pro 1 with 5th place in St. Louis.  I can’t thank you all enough for this amazing year and we look forward to talking to each of you and continuing our journey into next season!!


Alec Robbins: @alecrobbinsracing