Konig Wheels Sponsorship

Interested in representing Konig and joining a long history of incredible motorsport teams, drivers, industry icons and other talented car enthusiasts?

Thank you for your interest in receiving a sponsorship from Konig Wheels. We appreciate your interest in representing us and value your support. For almost 40 years we've made a quality product and remained commited to developing wheels for automotive ethusiasts. We take sponsorship extremely seriously. Below we will highlight some specifics that you should consider before applying for a sponsorship.

What is Sponsorship?, Do I qualify?, Are you currently accepting sponsorships?

Find all of these answers and more by reading our Sponsorship FAQs below...

  • What Is Sponsorship?

    Very basically sponsorship is a form of marketing in which you receive something in exchange for specific deliverables that translate to a return on investment. In our case, the majority of the time this

    What should I put in my Sponsorship Proposal?

    We’re often asked, “what should I put in my sponsorship proposal?”. This isn’t the question you should ask a company you’re seeking sponsorship from. Usually, if we have to suggest what to include in

    Are you currently accepting sponsorship proposals?

    Yes. We’re always accepting sponsorship proposals. However, depending on budgets and time of the year, sponsorships may not always be available. However, we review all proposals and if they’re potential sponsorship candidates we will

    When will you contact me?

    If we feel your proposal is a potential sponsorship candidate we will reach out you. Generally, this happens within hours or weeks of receiving your proposal. Depending on how many proposals have been submitted



    ** This is a preliminary sponsorship request. If we need further information to reach a decision we will contact you for your formal proposal. Please ensure you type the correct email into the form below. Thank you! **

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