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  • What is PCD

    Back to previous page What does PCD mean? The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is the diameter of the circle which passes through the centre of all the studs, wheel bolts or wheel rim holes.

    Wheel Offsets Explained

    Back to previous page What does Offset mean? Offset is the distance between the hub mounting face at the back of the wheel and the wheel’s center line. Offset is usually stamped or engraved

  • Why aren’t there paint codes for wheels

    Why aren’t there paint codes for wheels? We do have paint codes. However, they won’t help you at all, here is why; ALL of our colors are custom blends. That’s because painting a wheel

    Wheel Finish Care

    Back to previous page Properly caring for your wheels finish One of the most asked questions is what is the best way to care or clean a wheel. The answer is far less complicated

  • What Is Flow Forming Technology

    WHAT IS FLOW FORMING TECHNOLOGY? Flow forming technology is one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies to enter the wheel industry. Flow Forming Technology involves the application of pressure to the inner barrel of

    Alloy Wheel Casting

    Cast Wheels

    Back to previous page Alloy Wheel Casting Methods What is Alloy Wheel? The term alloy wheels is usually given to wheels ‘cast’ from a mixture of aluminum which is light weight and great at

    M.A.T. Wheel Process

    Back to previous page M.A.T. Technology Wheel Process Aluminum, the material used in the production of KÖNIG’s M.A.T. wheels possesses, licensed by Enkei is a very simple structure. However, within this structure lie unlimited

  • Test Fitting Wheels Over Your Brakes

    check calipers

    What Do I Need To Know About Test Fitting Wheels Around My Brakes? When choosing a wheel for your vehicle there are things that you should research before your purchase. 1. Is this wheel

    Upsizing Your Wheels

    Back to previous page What does Plus-Sizing or Up-Stepping mean? Plus-Sizing or Up-Stepping are two terms given to the practice of increasing the diameter of your wheels while simultaneously reducing the profile of your

  • Installation Hardware and Accessories

    Installation hardware and accessories Wheel installation hardware, accessories and installation kits are not something that come with wheels. Those items should be ordered with / or supplied by your installer or retailer. There are

    Tightening Your Wheels

    Back to previous page Properly tightening your wheels All wheels should be installed using a torque wrench. This ensures that the wheels are not too tight or too loose. Check your vehicle’s manual for

    Hub-Centric and Centerbore

    Back to previous page What is the Centerbore of a wheel? The ‘centerbore’ of a wheel is the size of the hole at the back of the wheel which the ‘hub’ fits into. To