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Interested in becoming a Konig Dealer?

Konig American has been producing wheels for over 35 years. Quality, service and design is the focus of every wheel we produce. We invite you to join our family!
If you are interested in becoming a STOCKING Konig Dealer / Distributor then please give us a call 1-800-645-3878 and ask to speak with a Sales Representative.
If you are interested in becoming a non stocking retailer then we would love to get you to the right distributor! Konig is sold by some of the best and largest wheel distributors in the world. You may even already have an account with one of these wholesale distributors. Please feel free to call in to us so we can help you locate the closest stocking wholesaler in your area! 1-800-645-3878.
If we have an opening in your area or Konig feels that the possibility of working with you directly exists a sale representative will ask you to send in your business paperwork such as, retail certificate, proof of operation, tax id and some general information about you and your business. Additionally you may be asked to fill out a credit application. With all of this information we are able to determine if you have what it takes to sell one of the most recognized wheel brands in the world to your customers!
We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built over the course of so many years. We will do whatever it takes to ensure those relationships are the backbone of our dealer network. Due to the fact that we have had such success with so many wonderful businesses we may not be able to open an account with you directly. We’re sorry if this is the case, but please understand that we do our best to protect those who have continued to show us such loyalty.
With that said…
Even if we can’t sell to your directly, if you sell the Konig product through one of our wholesalers, you’re still entitled to Konig support. Things such as catalogs, inventory check and technical assistance are always available to you directly from us! Additionally please share your images of customer vehicles you installed Konig product on with your marketing team and gain exposure from shares through our social media efforts! You can share images with us by tagging us or emailing
We thank you for your support and we look forward to having you on board!

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